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Halo Infinite: What Fans Need To See For Redemption
Halo Infinite: What Fans Need To See For Redemption

Halo Infinite: What Fans Need To See For Redemption

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Halo Infinite did not impress anyone last year, and when it initially debuted it was considered lackluster by many. 

The major complaint of the showing was the graphical quality of the demo presented. The primary reason Infinite was postponed was due to this showing. 343 has released several updates throughout the past few months to show how the games’ delay has positively impacted development.

Now that E3 is approaching, it is time for Halo to once again, have the spotlight shown on it and impress the masses of Xbox players that are eagerly anticipating the games’ slated release date of Holiday 2021.

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics

Showing off the power of the Xbox Series X is one of the most important factors of Halo Infinite’s grand reintroduction.

The graphic quality that was shown last year was not only an unimpressive display of the newest Halo adventure but a disappointing start for the first blockbuster title for the Xbox Series X.

To really display the power of the console and label Halo Infinite as a new beginning for the Halo franchise, the graphic quality needs to be top-notch. 

Halo Infinite: What Fans Need To See For Redemption

Given the cartoony and un-lifelike nature of Halo’s design, the animations and textures of each character and part of the open-world need to be immaculate. Craig needs to look scary and menacing, a complete turnaround of how he was shown last year. 

The updates that have been released by 343 have shown a significant improvement in the textures of the environment, but when it comes to gameplay and what our favorite characters look like, it’s a whole different ball game. 

Still images taken from a high-powered PC can impress us. It is crucial for the finished game to impress the Xbox crowd and to be a testament to the power of the Series X. Hopefully the finished product will be available for play later this year.

Old Dog, New Tricks

During last year’s initial showing of Halo Infinite, Master Chief was shown having some new gadgets equipped.

One of the additions to the series is a grappling hook.

The beauty of this new tool is the many ways it will improve gameplay.

In many open-world games, it is tiring to climb up a wall, or time-consuming to run up a large hill or mountain. Thanks to the grappling hook, Master Chief can easily grapple to the tallest ledge and save you time and patience when it comes to bringing you to your desired location.

Another fantastic use of the grappling hook is its combat ability.

If players want to make the first move on an enemy with a surprise attack, they can easily grapple closer to the enemy for a quick knockout. Not in the mood to go towards the enemy? Grapple them and bring them closer to you.

The grappling hook is also able to pick up nearby items without walking directly over to them. 

One other major introduction is a Drop Wall.

Very similar to the drop shield from Halo 3, this wall will block enemy bullets from damaging you, but also allows you to walk through it.

Open World Tour

A big feature of Halo Infinite is the wide-open world that we will be able to explore.

Last year, we were shown a map view of the world created for Infinite, including many missions spread across the open land. The way to take this example and make players more impressed is to show off the world through a trailer or gameplay reveal.

Halo Infinite: What Fans Need To See For Redemption


A gameplay reveal is very likely as the game is slated to release at the end of the year. A trailer would be able to show us the many different environments that we will be able to explore.

Giving players a quick two-minute video of Master Chief driving a Warthog through the different sections of the open-world would do wonders for the game. It would give Halo fans a quick look at the deep and rich open world that they will be able to explore. It would also showcase the different enemies they would encounter in each region and give players the motivation to explore every nook and cranny of Infinite‘s world. 

Multiplayer Possibilities

The campaign for Halo Infinite is very desirable, but it isn’t as desirable as the game’s multiplayer.

As of right now, we know that the multiplayer for Infinite will be free. You won’t need to own Halo Infinite to play Team Slayer online with your friends.

This is a huge move for Halo Infinite and multiplayer games to begin with. While Battle Royale games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite are free to play, games with a traditional multiplayer suite usually require the player to purchase the game.

Free multiplayer has a lot of fans speculating what else might be in store for Infinites’ multiplayer.

Since it is free, will there be a paid battle pass to entice the player to pay money to unlock player customization, player cards, and charms for weapons?

Another possible feature thanks to its free nature would be a Halo Battle Royale.

If released at its full potential, a Battle Royale coming to Halo could easily compete with the bigger titans of the genre. A rocky start to the battle royale mode would have players steer clear from it, and by the time 343 could fix the potential problems, it might be a little too late.

Halo Beta and Demo

One way to really show fans who have been awaiting Infinites arrival for several years is to showcase the beauty of the game through a beta.

Multiplayer betas aren’t unheard of and many bigger titles have let players demo its online functionality a few weeks before the release of the game.

Halo might have to do a bit more to assure fans that the game has significantly improved and will be released by the end of this year.

To start, there should be an open beta and a gameplay demo.

Halo Infinite: What Fans Need To See For Redemption

The open beta would allow players to test the multiplayer functionality. 

This will allow players to see if the game runs smoothly, if the guns feel natural like past Halo titles, and if there are any connection issues when it comes to cross-platform play.

The gameplay demo could show off the first hour of Halo Infinite’s campaign. 

Allowing Halo fans to play the mission showcased last year allows the players to drive around the open world. While driving through the open world, there would be a handful of side quests available that players would be able to complete. 

Hopefully, the demo would leave Halo fans confident that Infinite would live up to the hype that was initially generated for the title in 2018 when Halo Infinite was first announced. 

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