Halo Infinite - 10 Details You May Have Missed
Halo Infinite - 10 Details You May Have Missed

Halo Infinite Multiplayer- 10 Details You May Have Missed

Halo Infinite was once again a major focal point for Xbox at this year’s E3 conference after the delay of the game last year. The game was represented by a trailer showcasing a cut scene from the campaign of the upcoming game, as well as a trailer that gave a lot of information regarding Halo’s legendary multiplayer.Although the multiplayer trailer wasn’t very in-depth, there were a lot of hidden details that might have caught your eye.

1. Weapons

To take down grunts in Halo, you need weapons and tools to assist you.

The weapons in Halo are iconic and need no explanation, but Infinite introduces several new tools that will change the gameplay and make it more exciting.

Grappling is coming to Halo with the new grapple hook. 

Using the grapple hook players can reach destinations quicker by scaling large buildings, parts of the environment, or in combat by pulling enemies closer which leads to a quick execution.

Halo Infinite - 10 Details You May Have Missed

A location sensor is common in many multiplayer shooters and Halo Infinite is finally getting one. 

The Threat Sensor is basically a UAV but in grenade form. Throw the threat sensor into a mysterious area where you will see an outline of any enemies close to the grenade. With the threat sensor, you can now strategize with your squad to take down those enemies or rush into that location, guns blazing in hopes of wiping out the opposing crew.

Finally, the Repulsor and Drop Wall will assist you whether you are down to your last breath or need a defense shield when you are outnumbered. 

Halo Infinite multiplayer is even more strategic with the inclusion of these new tools. If you are a returning player or trying out Halo for the first time, it will be a new experience where players can be on the same playing field.

2. Vehicles

Alongside the infamous Banshee that we have encountered in many Halo adventures so far, one of the more exciting moments from the multiplayer reveal was the Chopper addition.

Seeing the player grapple to the Chopper and hijack the vehicle was exhilarating and makes the wait for this game even more dreadful after witnessing how incredible it looks.

Halo Infinite - 10 Details You May Have Missed

3. Spartan Academy

To further assist new players trying out Halo for the first time, they now have the assistance of the Spartan Academy.

Thanks to the Spartan Academy and the leader, Commander Laurette, newcomers to Halo will be further guided when it comes to learning different maps and how the new tools and weapons work.

Every shooting game has its own shooting mechanic that is different from others in the genre. The Spartan Academy will help players get adjusted so they feel ready to enter the Arena.

4. Training Mode

Knowing the maps and different tools and weapons featured in Halo Infinite is great, but when it comes to the gameplay and performance aspect of it, the Training Mode will better serve you.

Training Mode will walk through how to craft a well-balanced weapon loadout so players are well equipped for Team Slayer matches with friends.

To train for multiplayer matches, you can play against bots to give you an idea of how the multiplayer works. It will also display different ways to succeed and earn a victory in the various Halo multiplayer modes. 

Halo Infinite - 10 Details You May Have Missed

5. Scavenging

One fun aspect of Halo multiplayer that is making its way to Halo Infinite is the weapon respawns.

Knowing where the new weapons are going to respawn leads to an all-out race to get to the sacred weapon drop in hopes of getting a stronger weapon or the energy sword.

Even if you feel confident with your weapon loadout thanks to the Training Mode, the exhilarating moment of trying to reach the weapon respawn points on a certain map is a victory within itself that delivers a great reward.

6. Big Team Battle

The usual four versus four multiplayer battles are available in Halo Infinite, but if you want to take advantage of the larger maps that are new to Infinite, Big Team Battle is for you.

Featuring a wide map with 24 players, you will have a lot of space to tread and gain vantage points on your enemies.

If traveling by foot isn’t your specialty, you can take advantage of the multiple vehicles that will feel right at home in these vast open areas. Whether driving or standing in the back wielding a turret, you will be able to drive around the Big Team Battle modes and slay whatever enemies are in your sight.

7. Seasonal Events

Games like Valorant, Fortnite, and Warzone feature different competitive seasons and Halo Infinite will be no different.

Instead of having the regular multiplayer suite of game modes, there will be seasons that will pack special rewards for players and game modes that would only be available during the span of that particular season.

8. Behind the Scenes Details

Xbox has announced in the past that Halo Infinite multiplayer will be 120 FPS and will allow cross-play and cross-progression between PC and Xbox.

While the Xbox settings may be limited, the PC settings will allow you to customize the game to your liking. Change the texture settings, the amount of shadow on the environment, and adjust the graphics quality to make your Halo Infinite experience a customized one.

If you are playing on Xbox, a split-screen will be available whether you are playing on a couch with your friend, or through LAN connection with another Xbox console.

Halo Infinite - 10 Details You May Have Missed

9. Customization

With each season in Halo Infinite, players will be subject to different customization options. 

These customization options are not only for the character’s armor but also for the vehicles and equipable weapons.

Halo Infinite will not feature loot boxes that give a small percentage chance to get a good item. Customization items will be rewarded through playing the game, completing challenges, participating in events, or purchasing the item by itself. 

10. Beta testing

Even though there was no release date, Halo did tease later on that there will be a beta test sometime this summer.

To participate in the closed beta, you must be a Halo Insider. 

The Halo Insider program has also helped Halo: The Master Chief Collection improve over the years to the incredible package it is today.

The Halo Insider program is free to join, but it doesn’t guarantee you a spot in the upcoming Halo Infinite beta test.

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