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Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Will Not Feature an Open world

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343 Industries recently hosted a 44-minute Q&A session with developers where it’s confirmed that Halo Infinite will not feature an open-world map. However, this does not mean that players will go through a fixed linear path as the player will have some freedom to explore some areas.

Check the Q&A session here:

343 Industries affirms that the story has a linear structure but the objectives don’t have a unique method of completion. The developers compare Halo Infinite to the Silent Cartographer mission from the first Halo game.

The development team also announced a weather system that will be supported in cut scenes. The system is done in-engine like previous Halo games and it will affect the enemies that spawn and other mechanics. The weather system will not include my snowstorms or rainstorms 343 confirms.

Halo Infinite will not include the dual-wielding mechanic that has been absent in the franchise since Halo 3, similar to Halo 4 and Halo 5 the mechanic may be present in the final release in a limited way.

When asked about playable Elites, who were available in previous Halo games, the developers also confirmed that they’re not coming back.

“Similar to the last answer, no we’re not currently planning on supporting Elites as a playable character – and the reason is that this is a Master Chief story, and a Spartan story, especially in multiplayer. We want to make sure that we focus on how Spartans battle against each other, and that it feels fair, and it’s competitive, it’s balanced. We love Elites – never say never, maybe we’ll see that one day – but right now the current plan is you’re going to be playing Spartans.”

Halo Infinite is now scheduled to release in Fall 2021 for Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S the multiplayer mode will be free to play.

Source: Zeta Zone

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