Primal Newscast GTA 6 Leak Epic Buys Psyonix

GTA VI Leaked Locations + Epic Games Buys Psyonix – Primal Newscast #6

Welcome to The Primal Newscast where Gaming Instincts goes over the hottest and most interesting news of the week that took place in the gaming industry.

Dreams First Update Next Month

Media Molecule has been soaking in the feedback from Dreams Early Access users as they’ve officially announced the first big update to hit the game. New assets, tutorials and a new feature that allows players to block other users will be introduced with the new update which is scheduled for a May release. There’s also talk that Media Molecule is looking to make the game more accessible with a non-motion controls feature, and even potentially introducing keyboard and mouse implementation sometime in the future for the game.

Project xCloud Starts Play Testing Period With Microsoft’s Internal Studios

Microsoft’s dive into the intriguing world of video game streaming services took a big leap forward this week as the Project xCloud team accomplished a rather large milestone. The new streaming service has entered a Take Home phase which allows internal Microsoft studios to try out Project xCloud and provide essential feedback before the public beta goes live later this year. Phil Spencer has already been trying out the service on business trips, but now it seems the service is ready to take the next step in the testing stage as development seems to be moving at a steady pace for the anticipated streaming service.

Matchmaking Issues Arise In Anthem’s As The Game Continuous To Struggle

While BioWare is keen on keeping the content and updates flowing for Anthem, it seems most players aren’t happy with the now over two month old title. While game-breaking issues early on were handled by the development team, it seems that hasn’t stopped the player base from steadily decreasing, and as a result – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find online groups when matchmaking in the game. While Anthem continues to struggle with various gameplay issues and the recent delay of its content riddled roadmap – this seems like just another bump in the road for any future success for the game.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal

Gearbox Software continued their onslaught of Borderlands 3 hype with over an hour long presentation of Borderlands 3 gameplay footage. The footage showed off plenty of new vault hunter special abilities, new weapons, exciting gameplay mechanics like wall scaling and environmental interactions and plenty of chaotic co-op gameplay. Borderlands 3 seems to be packed with plenty of new features to bring the series up to modern standards while still maintaining the core Borderlands experience that captivated the looter shooter genre over 10 years ago.

Psyonix Bought By Epic Games

A bold move from the creators of Fortnite, Epic Games, sees them now with full ownership of Rocket League developers, Psyonix. The announcement came shortly after the purchase was made official earlier this week, allowing Psyonix more support for their eSports championship series for Rocket League. This will also put Rocket League on the Epic Games Store later this year, although the future of Rocket League’s presence on Steam has yet to be determined. If the move were to remove Rocket League from Steam as an Epic Store exclusive, Rocket League Steam users will still be able to play their version of the game and receive all required future support.

Platinum Games Teases Unannounced Title

In an interview with Video Game Chronicle, Platinum Games disclosed an exciting future for the veteran game company. Already with anticipated titles on the radar like Bayonetta 3 and Astral Chain, studio head Atsushi Inaba stated that the studio currently has an unannounced title in development that presents something “that’s never been done before.” He goes on to explain that this mystery title is “truly unlike anything else” and “this is something that has never been designed before.” Stay tuned for more on this unannounced mystery title from Platinum Games.

Rumor: GTA VI Locations Leaked

In what appears to be a leak from a now deleted pastebin file, the supposed leak points out that the next Grand Theft Auto title will feature multiple cities – similar to GTA San Andreas. According to the leak, both Liberty City and Vice City will be the featured maps in the next GTA title. The leak goes on to state that the next GTA title will release solely on the next gen platforms, i.e. PS5, Xbox Scarlett, and will no doubt be much larger in scale than any other previous GTA entry. As usual with rumors of this magnitude, take it with a huge grain of salt. However, considering the pastebin file has since been deleted, it leaves us wondering if some of the information was indeed true.

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