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Rumor: GTA 6 Might Feature Multiple Cities

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After the successful release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in both terms of sales and feedback, now guessing about Rockstar’s next title is the hottest topic to talk about on gaming communities and as you know, there are so much speculation around the topic. While some expect to see Bully 2 as Rockstar’s next big hit, others believe that the early days of 9th generation are the best time to release GTA 6 and then sell it till the end of generation, just like what the developer did with it’s Grand Theft Auto V in the current-gen.

If we get convinced that GTA 6 is the next big project of Rockstar, then there are bunch of new rumors that indicate some interesting but unofficial details on Grand Theft Auto 6. From it’s cities and locations to the main character and story. The rumor came from a Reddit user who had found a Pastebin file that included some vital information about GTA 6, though the file has been deleted. According to leaked details within the file, Grand Theft Auto VI will follow the story of a “small time guy” in Liberty City who travels to Vice City after so many “small thefts” to join a famous gang in dream of becoming “the drug lord.”

As the story implies, GTA 6 features at least two different cities but the leak suggests that Rockstar is somehow working on a bigger map that covers east coast in US. Maybe something similar to what we’ve seen in GTA: San Andreas but in a bigger scale.

The last piece of information in Pastebin file claims that GTA 6 will only be available for next-gen platforms and you don’t have the chance to play it on curren-gen consoles at all, which seems to be more trustworthy than other details of the leak.

However, all the information is just an unofficial leak that you can easily take it with a grain of salt, as Rockstar didn’t deny nor confirm any of the details soon.

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