Dreams Update Next Month

First Update For Dreams Early Access Is Scheduled For Next Month

After a few weeks of tinkering in Dreams Early Access, Media Molecule has revealed that their gearing up for the first major update to the game. While fans and curators have no doubt been enjoying their time creating new and familiar game worlds within the incredibly deep editor, Media Molecule isn’t content with what’s currently available in the Early Access model of the game.

The new patch will include several key features to help ease the learning curve that’s present in Dreams. New tutorials and templates, new assets, a level cap of over 100 and new social features like the ability to block unwanted users will all be made available to Dreams users.

Along with the update, Media Molecule has stated that they’re planning to incorporate non-motion controls to the game editor, as well. This includes more accessibility options utilizing standard Dualshock 4 controls, as well as a later feature that may support mouse and keyboard inputs.

For us accessibility is really important and that includes accessibility for people who have difficulty using motion controls, so things like mouse and keyboard help with that. So yeah, anything can happen in regards to [accessibility]. For us it’s just a matter of prioritizing motion-free control that uses the PS4 and then later down the road we can look into possible mouse and keyboard support.

The Early Access mode became available on the PSN in the middle of April for those who pre-purchased the game. Early Access allows players to jump into the deep editor mode along with tons of tutorial tasks to help creators get acquainted with program.

Dreams currently has no official release date but seems to be nearing a full launch which is exclusive for the PS4. The first update including all of the above changes is reportedly planned for release next month.

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Source: Game Informer (2)

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