GTA 6 Speculation – Code Name “Project Americas”

“Project Americas” has been talked about off and on for the past few months or so, but there was some code found in Red Dead Redemption 2 that has the old rumor mill running again, insinuating GTA 6 may be in production.

A well-known leaker known as TezFunz2 recently tweeted about some codes found in RDR2 files that referenced the term “Project Americas.” After discovering this, Rockstar then implemented a patch that removed the aforementioned phrase.

While this means nothing as of right now, the NeoGAF post goes on to fuel the fire even further with more speculation that fans may find interesting, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously with no confirmation from Rockstar.

The first theory comes from GTA Forums user Benefactor69. It points out that cars released in GTA 5 are more detailed than they used to be. This could represent something as simple as the creators putting more effort into their work, but could also be a way for them to test out cars and features for the new game. Rockstar has never used a live resource in the past to trial new things, so this might be the GTA team’s way of doing so.

The poster, Mister Apoc, then theorizes that Rockstar might be using RDR2 in the same way they did GTA 5. At the start of the most recent Grand Theft Auto game, the player gets dropped into North Yankton before spending the rest of the game in Los Santos. After that mission the player can no longer return to the area, and in addition, while the player is there, North Yankton is covered with a thick layer of snow. Snowfall like that wasn’t seen again from Rockstar until Red Dead 2, in which it was used regularly.

Mister Apoc uses this knowledge to assume that Rockstar might be doing the same thing with Guarma in RDR2. Since it’s speculated that GTA 6 will be taking place in Vice City and parts of South America, this could be Rockstar’s attempt at testing a new environment for their next game.

The writer’s next theory, which even he admits is a little far-fetched, comes from the Doomsday Heist DLC. One of the facility computers shows a world map with a few circles, and the most prominent circle encompasses Southern Florida, Cuba and a big portion of Northern South America. Rockstar also showed a brief glimpse of South America on a map in their recent teaser for the Casino Heist DLC. While these all appear to mean nothing, Rockstar has been known to hide hints to their future games in past titles.

The last part of this post isn’t so much a theory as it is an observation. Back in 2003, Take 2 Interactive registered a trademark for “GTA Bogota.” While this seems like info that is too old to care about, Bogota is city in Columbia, well-known for their drug running history and being the home turf of the Medellin Cartel in the 70’s and 80’s.

All the other cities associated with Rockstar are ones in which they have studios, but to this day, they still have Bogota listed next to London, Paris, and New York on their Twitter and website. This seems awfully suspicious with the whole “Project Americas” topic floating around.

The key thing to note here is that everything should be taken with a grain of salt. While it can be fun to theorize and speculate, Rockstar has made no official announcements about GTA 6. As far as anybody knows, they might not even be working on it yet, so readers can make of this information what they will.

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