Grand Theft Auto VI
Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto VI Details Reportedly Leaked – Launching In 2023

According to an alleged insider, Grand Theft Auto VI will launch in October 2023, the game takes place in the fictitious city Vice City, based in Miami.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

An anonymous leaker stated that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI will focus on the story of a single, male protagonist in the 1970’s Miami and will be around 60 hours of main story missions.

Interestingly, the leaker affirms that the name of the protagonist is a huge leak that might spoil the story of the game, he affirms that the codename of the character is Ricardo, future leaks might spoil the story of the upcoming game. The story of the game is also reportedly the best in a Grand Theft Auto game, but it’s not as emotional as Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • The example of the improved AI design according to the leaker was “You may see NPCs beeping their horn and driving aggressively around other drivers because they’re late for work.”

  • Direct contact with explosions can blow off limbs, you can leave deep cuts on people with a machete and close combat shooting can result in bone fragmentation

  • Body form alteration can happen like in San Andreas but not as dramatic. People will comment on your apparel choices.

  • The age of the protagonist is supposed to be 34 by the end of the game. (What I think here is that maybe you play as the father of the protagonist during the 1970s part of the game and then as the protagonist in the modern-day counterpart.

  • The main character is a white male, roughly 6’1″ and has a “sun-kissed” Tan. Italian was raised in America and has jet black hair.

  • Storms and weather effects are “genuinely insane”.

  • Car customization improved upon from GTAV. Cars change with time, so does clothes and hairstyles. The older cars become less common with time and if someone sees you drive an old car, they might call it a piece of crap.

  • The mafia is in the game but the leaker refused to share more details.

  • Liberty City has limited missions in the game. Mafia family’s influence is heavy there.

  • Pop and Rock have a huge part of the soundtrack. Pet Shop Boys have a few tracks in the game.

  • Dan wrote a rough idea for the game but hasn’t written a lot.

  • The game is “very politically incorrect.” according to the leaker.

The leaker also affirms that Dan Houser’s departure from Rockstar is because of the crunch of the development team for Red Dead Redemption 2, Houser is expected to be back in the future. It is also suggested that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be remastered for the 20th anniversary of the game in 2024.

The new “leak” is in accordance with early 2020 rumors that affirmed that Grand Theft Auto VI will be taking place in two major cities, Carcer City (Based on Boston and the East Coast of USA) and Vice City (Miami, Florida).

Source: Reddit

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