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Gran Turismo Sport Releasing in November, Gameplay Trailer

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Gran Turismo Sport Releasing in November, Gameplay Trailer

We now have a much better idea of what GT Sport or Gran Turismo 7 will be when it’s released on the 18th November. At an event in London, Kazunori Yamauchi has announced key aspects of the game, and promised that “GT Sport is going to be offering a level of innovation that hasn’t been seen since the first Gran Turismo.” And actually, it sounds like he could be right.

As well as offering a decent amount of cars and tracks, GT Sport is adding a range of extra things that show just how ambitious Sony is being this time round. From cool social elements, to a ‘virtual automotive museum’ and an FIA-approved racing series, GT Sport is bringing racing to the PS4 on a larger scale than ever.

Check out the Trailer:

“The game will feature 137 “Super Premium” cars – a mix of real and concept vehicles split into four classes – each of which has been remodelled by developer Polyphonic Digital since Gran Turismo 6. As for courses there will be 19 race locations with a total of 27 track layouts at launch – including dirt tracks for the first time.

GT Sport’s offline Campaign mode is comprised of 117 events split between a Beginner’s School, which will offer tutorials and basic training “from driving to racing” and “from racing to drifting”, and three other modes. “Circuit Experience” consists of 35 events, “Missions Challenge” consists of 62 events and “Racing Etiquettes” will consist of 10.”

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