Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Gets New Trailer at DC FanDome

The upcoming Batman spin-off game, Gotham Knights gave us our best look at the game yet during the DC FanDome event over the weekend. The game is an open-world game being developed by Warner Bros. Games Montréal and set in Gotham and while it features a cast of characters that have previously appeared in the Batman Arkham series it has no relation to the universe created by developer Rocksteady, or their upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League which will be set in that universe.

As several rumors had previously suggested, the series will revolve around the Bat-Family of Barbra Gordon (Batgirl), Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Damien Wayne (Robin), and Jason Todd (Red Hood) matching wits against the shadow organization known as the Court of Owls. This group of owl mask-wearing individuals is known in the lore for controlling Gotham City from behind the scenes for years and previously served as an antagonist during the Gotham tv series on FOX.

The opening of the trailer reaffirms what other trailers have stated by showcasing a gravestone belonging to Bruce Wayne, before showcasing that Jim Gordon is dead as well, which depicts their four remaining allies as the only things left to protect the city. The trailer is also narrated by The Penguin, showcasing that more characters from the rogue’s gallery of Batman will be around.

The game will feature a single-player storyline in which a player chooses a member of the Bat-Family to play before setting off to explore the open Gotham City, fighting enemies and attempting to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Court of Owls., Each character will have unique move sets and leveling trees allowing for diversity in your experience across the characters.

The game will also feature a two-person mode as well. This allows your friend to drop in and out of your game, taking control of one of the other characters.  Gotham Knights is slated to release at some point in 2022.

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