Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Game To Appear At DC FanDome Event, New Keyart Revealed Ahead of Event

Warner Bros. has confirmed that the upcoming game from developer Rocksteady, entitled Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, will be featured at the upcoming DC FanDome event. Said event is scheduled to take place on October 16 and will feature a range of properties under the DC banner. It also received a new keyart just prior to the event, which can be seen below.

Suicide Squad

A recent trailer for the DC FanDome event hinted that we would be seeing the Suicide Squad game there, though until now we had no official word that it would be. The one thing that the trailer, nor the confirmation, did not state was what we could expect to see from the game. Possibilities range from a new trailer to dev diaries featuring work being done on the game.

Previously the game was showcased with a CGI trailer showcasing several characters such as Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark. While Harley Quinn was always a popular character, the latter has now seen a boost in popularity due to his inclusion in both James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, as well his main cast status on the animated Harley Quinn series.

This game, in particular, has received a large amount of press in part thanks to the developer’s work on a previous DC title. Rocksteady is best known for their Batman Arkham franchise which has received large amounts of praise across their three games in the series, although the final part received the lowest amount of praise.

This time around players will be able to take control of several characters in The Suicide Squad and even be able to team up with up to three friends to explore and fight across the open-world Metropolis. As the subtitle implies, the goal for players will be to ‘kill the justice league’ as they seem to be under the mind control of brainiac.

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