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Rocksteady is facing heavy harassment allegations

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Rocksteady Studios will announce their new Suicide Squad game on the DC Fandome this weekend, however, the studio is facing the controversy of the allegations of one former writer, Kim MacAskill.

Rocksteady reportedly received a collective letter from several female employees, they complained of a culture of harassment in 2018, the situation did not change after Rocksteady’s HR received the demand from the staff. This is affirmed in a 13-minute YouTube video where Kim MacAskill explains why she wrote the 2018’s letter.

“When I left, I thought things had improved,” MacAskill said. “Now I’m learning that they haven’t. And I am so angry.” … “In that time, HR tried to stop me at least twice,” MacAskill said. “And I had members of higher management take me aside to not only tell me to stop what I was doing but to tell me that continuing to do so would potentially jeopardize my position within the company. And not just that, but it would maybe even jeopardize my position of being hired by other companies going forward because I might be seen as a troublemaker.”

MacAskill affirms to have personally experienced sexism and similar misconduct against her, she also claims to have heard from a co-worker who was sexually assaulted by another employee, Macaskill claims that the victim of the assault was forced to continue working with his aggressor while HR conducted an investigation.

“Through my complaints and hers, the one thing we noticed was that no one asked if we were OK. No one asked how we were. It was like HR quarantine. No one spoke to you when you were complaining.”

In a new statement from Rocksteady, the company affirms its commitment to its employees. “Right now we are as passionate as ever about creating an inclusive culture and we are listening carefully,” the statement concludes. “We are determined to stand up for our staff, and stand firm against any unacceptable behaviour.”

Source: Twitter via Gamestop

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