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Goodbye Volcano High
Goodbye Volcano High

Goodbye Volcano High Delayed Into 2022

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For those looking to explore the emotional pitfalls of coming to age, while also in a high school filled with dragons or dinosaur things and the like, unfortunately, I have some bad news. Today the team behind Goodbye Volcano High announced that they would be delaying their game into 2022.

The team took to Twitter today to break the bad news. As they start off by pointing out “Kinda goes without saying but making games during a pandemic is hard”. With the number of major games being delayed out of this year for that reason, it is not a shocker that Indie teams have to delay their games as well.

As they point out though, the pandemic is not the only thing that has caused their game to be pushed back. In 2020 the game rebooted the narrative of the game. Since it is a narrative-driven game this change had already made it unlikely that the game would see its planned release in 2021.

The game will see players take the role of Fang, a musician in their final year of high school. Her best friend Trish will also play a significant role in helping her transition into the next chapter of her life. I will admit that Goodbye Volcano High reminded me a lot of Night In The Woods when first showcased. Since that was one of my favorite games of recent memory I have definitely been keeping a close eye on this upcoming title.

Goodbye Volcano High never really had a definitive time frame outside of the broad “2021” plan. It is possible that this decision was being toyed with far earlier than the announcement. Either way, it is among good company when it comes to games that have been delayed into next year. When it releases it will be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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