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Rainbow Six Extraction
Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction Delayed into 2022

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Once again an upcoming video game has been delayed from this year into the next. This time the game being delayed is Rainbow Six Extraction, the four-player co-op game based on a timed event mode that was featured briefly in Rainbow Six Seige. The game also borrows heavily from Siege, even featuring several of the same characters.

This is not the first setback that the game has experienced as it had to be delayed previously out of 2020 due to Covid-19. During this time the game also went through a name change from the original title Rainbow Six Quarentine, which obviously hit a little too close to home at the time.

The studio took to their Blog today to break the news, stating:

“We are embracing the opportunity to take additional time to bring this vision to life in the way it deserves in January 2022. We are confident this will ensure Rainbow Six Extraction is the immersive, cooperative, and thrilling experience we set out to create, and the one you aspire to play.”

Despite its original name, the game has nothing to do with threats from this world. Instead, players find themselves in a world being attacked by an alien threat known as The Archæans. The game draws some influence from titles such as Left 4 Dead, with players battling the threat through multi-area levels.

While it is definitely unfortunate that another big-name game is getting pushed back, it is more respectable than attempting to rush the game out into the ever-opening window of this year. Many studios lost a lot of development time during the lockdowns and quarantines of 2020. This year, while the world is back on track, we have still seen that much of the industry has yet to return where it was at the beginning of 2020, before these cases hit. Tokyo has been hit with another state of emergency which has caused some issues for games in the Japanese market as well.

Rainbow Six Extraction now aims for January 2022 release. Hopefully, this delay gives the team the time they need to craft a game they, and gamers, are satisfied with.

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