Fortnite to Return to iOS via NVIDIA GeForce Now

According to the BBC, NVIDIA’s cloud-streaming platform, GeForce NOW could facilitate the return of Fortnite to iOS devices in the following weeks.

After the legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games Store, the Cupertino based company banned Fortnite and some Epic Games applications from the iOS ecosystem.

Apple’s decision to ban cloud-streaming apps to work on iOS has forced Microsoft and NVIDIA to deliver the technology via web browsers, something that it could not be controlled by Apple. GeForce NOW developers are confident that the service can now be offered via Apple’s native browser Safari. This will allow iOS players to have access to Fortnite and acquiring the V-Bucks at a much cheaper cost.

Reports from the BBC affirms that an announcement from NVIDIA and Epic Games is expected “before the winter holidays.” However, the publication warns that Fortnite may still be excluded from the portfolio of games available on Apple’s devices from GeForce NOW.

“Nvidia is not commenting on any new clients coming to the service, or on the availability of any game on unannounced or unreleased platforms,” a spokesperson from Nvidia said. “Fortnite is not confirmed for GeForce Now on platforms beyond PC, Mac and Android.”

This could suggest that Apple has still some leverage against the potential partnership of Epic Games and NVIDIA, but it is unlikely that NVIDIA back out from their collaboration as Tim Sweeney stated earlier this year to be willing to support GeForce NOW.


NVIDIA needs more games for its cloud streaming platform. Due to mismanagement, the platform lost the support of Square Enix, Warner, Bethesda, and 2K. Epic Games is also an outcast in the industry, the boycott of some Steam fans and polemic acquisitions of games like Metro Exodus, have given a bad image to Tim Sweeney. A collaboration between the two polemic companies could see them taking the best of their misfortunes.

Source: BBC Games Industry

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