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Fortnite Adding Among Us Style Mode

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Fortnite will be adding a new mode to the game that sounds pretty suspiciously like Among Us, the popular and award-winning multiplayer game. Entitled Fortnite Imposters, the game mode was announced earlier today through the Epic Games website. According to the company, the mode is intended as a high-fidelity game mode that will support a maximum of ten players.

Each match will start with players being split into one group of 8, with the remaining 2 acting as the impostors. The game will be set in a new map crafted for the mode called the bridge. In Fortnite lore, this is where the imagined order watches over and maintains control of Fortnite Island.

Similar to Among Us the 8 players then must attempt to maintain the order of The Bridge while attempting to figure out who the imposters are. Each agent will be given tasks to carry out such as repairing the Battle Bus or recalibrating Llamas. On the other hand, imposters simply want to eliminate enough players to take control of The Bridge. Votes will be cast throughout the match to remove the players suspected of being the imposters.

Imposters are given several tools and abilities to aid them as they attempt to hinder the rest of the players. They can freeze the progress on assignments being completed for a brief period, teleport players to other locations on the map, or summon an emergency Peely party so that all players look like Peely and they can easily blend in. Yes, that is a thing…

The game will have multiple options for choosing to play. Friends can play together, choosing to lobby up and await to be fitted into a group or they can choose to play in a private game. While the game mode only requires 4 to play, those familiar with among us will know the more players you can get the better.

The discussion panel can be used to call a group meeting and vote a player suspected of being the imposter out. To keep the game fair, public discussion will be disabled in the mode, only allowing for chat at the discussion table. Of course, the game cannot stop you from using a private chat to get around this.

This is not the only game to add a mode that similarly uses Among Us for a base. Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War recently added a similar mode as part of its Season 5 Update. This is also not the first time that Fortnite borrowed from another game as its Battle Royale mode was added soon after PUBG exploded in popularity.

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