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Among Us
Among Us

Among Us New Update Revealed

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InnerSloth has reportedly revealed what are the future changes to Among Us, the party game’s latest patch has now arrived via beta, PC players got a sneak peek of some of the new changes of the game.

InnerSloth decided to add an anonymous voting system, making it impossible to players to know who voted for who during emergency meetings, this forces everyone to be more aware of suspicious behaviors and think less about revenge against those who voted against him. However, this could also add extra deception.

Another good option provided by InnerSloth is to give players an option to change when the tasks bar is shown in the game, players get the option to ‘Always’ show the bar, limit it only on ’emergency meetings’, or to never be shown. This drastically changes the way the games develop as the taskbar is a reliable way to show who is not an impostor.

Lastly, Among Us is a game that heavily relies on colors to determine the players and some tasks, this has InnerSloth to add a colorblind option for players, reportedly the task about connecting wires has been given some specific shapes that correspond to its color.

News website, Attack of the Fanboy has reported on some major changes that will drastically change the game to keep it relevant ahead of the sequel’s cancellation.

  • Anonymous Votes
    • You can now choose to make voting anonymous to hide everyone’s votes. This way, nobody will know who voted for who during a meeting.
  • Task Bar Updates
    • You can now change when the Task Bar shows up during a game. “Always” is the default setting, but you can now select “Meetings” and “Never” to have the Task Bar only show up during meetings or to never have it visible at all.
  • Colorblind Support
    • The Wires task has been made more accessible for colorblind players. Now each wire has a shape that corresponds to its color to help colorblind players complete this task more easily.

Source: Attack of the Fan Boy

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