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Cold War Getting Among Us Styled Mode

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Edit: Having not played Call of Duty for years I forgot that while the seasons for the individual games and warzone are linked and road mapped together they offer some separate content. Double Agent is a mode coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War individually and you will need that game to play the mode. I have corrected the article to reflect that.

While it took a while for the small little indie game to finally catch on, Among Us has grown to have a massive presence in the video game industry. It even went on to ultimately win two awards at the Video Game Awards, over two years after it launched with relatively little visibility. Now it consistently tops steam lists for most played games and bigger games have taken notice. This includes Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War.

According to a new trailer dropped for the upcoming season of the game for Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone will be adding a new mode that seems to draw heavily from the game, as well as other predecessors such as Town of Salem. The new mode, entitled Double Agent, will revolve around one player taking on the role of the double agent if you couldn’t guess that already.

One player takes on this role and is tasked with eliminating all the other players or planting bombs in certain locations around the map. Most other players take on the role of operatives and attempt to suss out the sus double agent, as well as trying to stay alive long enough to do so. One of the normal players though will take on the role of an investigator and will get clues to who the traitor is, and can even mark players they think might have betrayed the group.

The mode will feature a variety of guns that players can get during the earlier rounds for players to get, as well as special tools the double agent can use to get the leg up on their prey. The mode will also put heavy emphasis on voice chat, with the operatives needing to communicate to figure out who the double agent is. The double agent on the other hand can use this to throw suspension onto other people in an attempt to save themselves.

Double Agent will be part of the Season 5 update for Call of Duty: Balck Ops: Cold War and Warzone, and will require Cold War to play available on August 12th.

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