Pirates from Sea of Thieves with new outfits from the Forsaken Shores update

Forsaken Shores – Full Commendation Guide for Sea of Thieves

Forsaken Shores – Full Commendation Guide for Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves recieved its 3rd big expansion update – Forsaken Shores. We had The Hungering Deep back in May and the Cursed Sails back at the end of July. And its the end of September and The Forsaken Shores has been released earlier this week. As you all know with every new update for Sea of Thieves comes a whole new set of commendations, cosmetics and doubloons to earn for your awesome new weapons, equipments, ship liverys and outfits. Gaming Instincts is here once again to help you and get all of your commendations completed and doubloons earned so you can buy the time limited “Forsaken Ashes” set before it gets removed in the coming weeks.

It’s also worth noting that the Forsaken Shores content is actually spread across 3 weeks. The first 2 weeks you have to discover all the 15 islands, uncover skeleton corpses and learn what has become of them and complete 5 Golden Hoarders voyages and 5 Order of Souls voyages in the new region the Devil’s Roar that’s located South West of the Sea of Thieves world map. Please refer to the video guide down below that explains everything in full detail on how everything works and where to find the 5 dead skeletons in the Devil’s Roar.

Meanwhile, during the third week, the Merchants will have completely brand new voyages for you and your crewmates to do and with that will come another set of new commendations and more cosmetics to buy, more doubloons to earn and of course the new AI threat as well. Once that stuff rolls around Gaming Instincts will have another pro guide for you on what’s the best way to complete the brand new Merchant voyages in Devil’s Roar in the Forsaken Shores Sea of Thieves update. Stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for latest news, previews, reviews guides and more.

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