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Sony Rested on Their Laurels With PS5 Says Former Employee

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Chris Granell, a former Sony designer says that Xbox Series X’s specifications has staggered Sony developers. Speaking to Dealer Gaming Podcast Granell that Sony has “rested on their laurels” as their rely on their current market share to beat it’s competitors. The former designer insist that there is a bit of chaos and worrying in the HQ of the tech giant.

“They didn’t really kind of appreciate what Xbox were going to try and do in terms of this kind of power narrative”

“I think Sony have kind of rested on their laurels a little bit,” Granell said.  “You know, they’ve got this massive kind of market share and lead, and they’ve done a bit of a PS3… not that bad in terms of hardware and complications and things like that, but just a little bit of – they didn’t really kind of appreciate what Xbox were going to try and do in terms of this kind of power narrative.”

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer recently said that he feels “even better” about the hardware decisions taken after seeing the reveal of the PlayStation 5. Contradicting Xbox, there is a long list of developers who claim while PlayStation 5 is not more powerful, it’s SSD makes it more capable system.

Certainly is the PlayStation 5 is a console designed for developers, as it was revealed by Mark Cerny. Ali Salehi, a rendering engineer from Crytek has been one of the PS5’s backers, he explains that Xbox Series X looks as the best console for the next generation, but in reality, PlayStation 5 will allow developers to program games at ease.

The engineer explains that Xbox Series X is by far the most powerful console, but there are some issues that might prevent games to take full potential of the hardware.

Xbox Series X is making the same mistake they did with the current gen Xbox, two sets of RAM, one with high bandwidth and the other significantly slower, this would present a big inconvenience for developers. Xbox Series X has 56 CUs, 4 reserved and 52 available to developers, PlayStation 5 on the other hand counts with 36 CUs, in paper the Xbox Series X is most powerful, but the engineer points at the difference between power and capability.

Older players might remember the 16 bit era marketing war between Nintendo and Sega, the Super Nintendo was a superior console everywhere but the processor, the Sega decided to leverage their all marketing campaign against Nintendo based on the “Blast Processing” capabilities of the Sega.  Almost three decades later, it seems like Sony is now on the same situation that Sega was back then, the PlayStation is  surely an amazing piece of technology, but apparently, against Xbox, they can only say faster SSD.

Source: mspoweruser

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