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Forever Entertainment
Forever Entertainment

Square Enix Licenses Forever Entertainment For Upcoming Remakes

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According to reports, an undisclosed Square Enix IP has been licensed to Forever Entertainment with the task of producing several videogames remakes. The information arrived via a signed document that confirms the new partnership between both companies.

The purpose of the contract is to create and release several game remakes based on one IP owned by Square Enix Japan. The name of this IP will be disclosed in the upcoming weeks once the global marketing campaign begins.

Remakes of all games will feature the new visuals, but the gameplay and scenario will remain the same as the original version. The exact release dates for all games will be revealed on the marketing campaign.

Forever Entertainment will receive a significant portion of the revenue more than 50% from each game sold on all platforms. Acquiring classic IPs and creating new productions or remakes on their basis is one of the important directions of the Company’s development, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by the success of Panzer Dragoon: Remake. The company will cover the costs related to the implementation of the above agreement from its own funds.

For those who are not familiar with Forever Entertainment, the company is based in Poland and they publish games developed by indie studios. Forever Entertainment already worked with Square Enix for the release of Fear Effect Sedna a game that was developed by Sushee. Forever Entertainment seems to be in the business of bringing back to life classic games, the company has announced the upcoming remakes for The House of the Dead 1, and The House of the Dead 2. Panzer Dragoon: Remake was confirmed by the development team in late February.

Square Enix has plenty of franchises that could be revived, what caught the fan’s imagination and anticipation was the possibility of Forever Entertainment working for a remake of the Chrono Trigger franchise.

Source: FE – Via wccftech

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