Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI To be Unveiled at the PlayStation Event – Rumor

According to AZPonerunner, Features Editor at VG247, Final Fantasy XVI could be announced in the upcoming PlayStation 5 showcase event, the insider also affirms that the JRPG is being developed with a “tried-and-true” engine.

AZPonerunner says that Final Fantasy XVI was considered as part of the PlayStation 5 ‘Future of Gaming’. He might also be pointing at a possible exclusive deal of Square Enix and PlayStation for Final Fantasy XVI.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

“My take is this, based on the knowledge I have: in the grand scheme of things, this game was absolutely meant to be part of Sony’s ‘June drop’ — but this was the plan at the start of the year, before covid, when things shown at a Sony June media drop could then go on to have a presence at E3 and other major shows (presence could be simply having staff/spokespeople on stream and available for media interviews – doesn’t necessarily mean playable).

I can say the original plan was a June reveal followed by elaboration in the following months, but that was pre-covid – it’s very possible that as the virus took hold plans changed and it was never intended to be at the replacement, socially-distanced stream event.

I will also say I think the game made less sense at that June event once the parameters seemed to settle on it being an event to more strictly showcase PS5’s technical ability, thus the impressive Ratchet/Horizon demos etc. In that sense, Athia fit better, as Athia is SE’s forward-looking, visually mindblowing project on new tech more-so than the next FF, which afaik will use a tried-and-true existing engine”.

If AZPonerunner is right, Square Enix might be developing Final Fantasy XVI with Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine V features the latest technology of virtualized micro polygon geometry and lightning, but the developer has managed to get impressive results with Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Source: ResetEra via wccftech

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