Final Fantasy XI Mobile

Final Fantasy XI Mobile Reboot Canceled

Square Enix has canceled the mobile version of Final Fantasy XI being co-developed with Nexon.

Final Fantasy XI Mobile was first announced back in 2015 as a reboot for iOS and Android, the MMORPG was originally scheduled to launch in 2016. However, not much was revealed post-announcement other than Nexon sharing some screenshots of the project in 2018.

In a report from GamesIndustry.Biz, Square Enix Montreal has changed its focus on the recently announced mobile games based on the Hitman, Sniper Assassins, and Final Fantasy franchises.

“The major thing for us was to evolve from an amazing studio developing premium titles on mobile to an amazing studio delivering AAA service on mobile,” Naud says. “It’s something that took a lot of time, building the teams accordingly, building the infrastructure, the processes of how we do this, and building the games. It took a long while, but now we’re happy we took the proper time to do it and retain the essence that made us make special games in the pass.”

In a statement shared to, both Square Enix and Nexon admit that Final Fantasy XI Mobile did not meet the expectations, and the project had to be canceled.

The outlet affirms that the development of the MMORPG halted at the end of 2020 but it wasn’t confirmed until the latest earning calls from Nexon.

Nexon is a South Korean publisher established in 1994 and has founded and developed some of the very firsts first graphic massively multiplayer online role-playing games and has focused on free-to-play games as a service.

The Asian giant is renowned as an industry leader in MMORPG’s with more than 80 live games operated across more than 190 countries. Nexon owns the rights of producing games from acclaimed franchise hits, including MapleStory, Dungeon&Fighter, Sudden Attack, and KartRider.

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