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Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Delayed

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Square Enix has just announced that, the remake of the classic JRPG from 1997, will now release on April 10, 2020. Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer, Yoshinori Kitase gave the reasons of the delay via Twitter.

We know that so many of you are looking forward to the release of Final fantasy VII Remake and have been waiting patiently to experience what we have been working on. In order to ensure we deliver a game that is in-line with our vision, and the quality that our fans who have been waiting for deserve, we have decided to move the release date to April 10, 2020

“We are making this tough decision in order to give ourselves a few extra weeks to apply final polish to the game and to deliver you with the best possible experience. I, on behalf of the whole team, want to apologize to everyone, as I know the meaning of waiting for the game just a little bit longer.

Fans will have to wait an extra month, but recent leaks suggest that a demo might be releasing very soon.

A lot of information about Final Fantasy VII Remake has been revealed by dataminers, starting with an image for a upcoming demo, in the following days the whole FFVII Remake Demo leaked.

The demo released tons of information, one that pleased fans was the confirmation of PC code. A lot of screenshots also revealed an unhealthy dose of spoilers.

As it was expected the game’s code suggests a PC release, from the mentioning of NVIDIA and AMD to the support of higher resolutions and higher frame rates. This doesn’t mean that the game will launch for PC, as it was announced as a PS4 timed-exclusive.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for the latest info on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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