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Real Madrid player dribbling Atletico Madrid defender in FIFA 20
Real Madrid player dribbling Atletico Madrid defender in FIFA 20

FIFA 20 New Live-Action Trailer Shows-Off Real-World Stars

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Later this month we will finally be playing FIFA 20 with plenty of new modes and gameplay improvements, according to EA Sports. Similar to the previous years, Electronic Arts will be announcing top 100 players of the game ahead of launch and this year the same thing is going to happen next week on Monday.

The new live-action trailer for FIFA 20 represents some real-world top-class players of past and present including Jesse Lingard, Raheem Sterling, Joao Felix, Kaka and Rio Ferdinand. The trailer showcases some tests through which the ratings for different abilities of players like dribbling, shooting and pace are determined. If you’re a football fan the trailer is a worthy one to check out.

According to the confirmed details, Real Madrid owns 12 players that will be featured in top 100 list, while Barcelona and Manchester City have 10 nominees there. On the other hand, Brazil and Spain also have 13 players within top 100 making them to stand among the best national teams of the game.

FIFA 20 will be available later this month on September 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Long time after cancelling FIFA Street series, now a similar mode has been added to FIFA 20 as Volta Football which seems to be an entertaining addition offering a new way to play FIFA. It’s worth noting that Switch version won’t feature Volta Football.

On the other hand, EA Sports has promised huge improvements on gameplay mechanics like 1v1 opportunities, defending and tackling system, free-kicks and penalties. However, when it comes to club license, FIFA 20 won’t feature Juventus with its real-name and kit but instead the club will be replaced by Piemonte Calcio with the same players and manager.

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Source: Dualshockers

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