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FIFA 20 Gets Its First Official Gameplay Trailer; Showing New Features in-Action

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While most of advertising and trailers for FIFA 19 were circling around the addition of UEFA Champions League and some fun modes at Kick-off section, the newly shared trailer for FIFA 20 is fully focused on its gameplay features showing-off the game’s first official gameplay footage.

The next title in FIFA series was announced at this year’s EA Play with a special focus on its new VOLTA Football mode that brings back the popular FIFA Street series within a new mode in FIFA 20. However, during EA Play 2019, we also got to know more about new gameplay features that will be tackling some of the infamous issues and bugs of FIFA 19. Now, you are going to see the new improvements and changes in-action, through the first gameplay trailer for FIFA 20 here:

First of all, the way you kick set-pieces such as free-kicks or penalties have been changed (actually, penalty kicks haven’t changed, they’ve just come back to what we used to see in FIFA series before FIFA 19). However, for free-kicks, now you have more options than before and it seems promising. On the other hand, 1v1 attempts for both attackers and defenders will have more available options leading you to hold or steal the ball in a more accurate way.

During the following minutes of the trailer, we get to see a whole new physics for the ball that makes it to feel more realistic when you hold it, pass it or shoot it. Besides, thanks to the Composed Finishing, you’re going to experience 1v1 chances with more realistic percentage of scoring through various shots.

FIFA 20 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on September 27. Pre-order the game now and get it 3 days earlier.

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