Final fantasy VII Remake
Final fantasy VII Remake

FFVII/Alan Wake Listed By Epic Game Store – Rumor

A major way in which games get leaked is because planning needs to go into announcements. When a game is revealed to the public it has been put onto a schedule, had a trailer made, and the place it is going as it added to upcoming updates to quickly add it. This is how many games get exposed since no matter how much you try to hide it, people can usually find out what your hiding.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

According to screenshots of cloudsave files related to Epic Games, there are two big games coming to the store sooner or later. The first of these would be Final Fantasy VII Remake, with the second game expected is the long-rumored Alan Wake Remastered.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was released last year as an exclusive to the PlayStation 4 system. It was listed as a timed exclusive for a year though that period ended and it was not released anywhere else. A PlayStation 5 version was announced with the Intergrade subtitle but that also was not announced for other markets.

Either way, exclusivity to a console has not necessarily applied to PC before. Final Fantasy XVI was announced as a console exclusive however a PC version was confirmed during its reveal trailer. It coming to the Epic Games store would not be a shock, though it remains to be seen if we will see the game on Xbox soon as well.

Another game also listed for the Epic Store is Alan Wake Remastered. We have heard that a remaster for the game might be coming but these have all been speculation. Prior to the release of their latest game Control, Remedy went out of its way to purchase the rights for the game from Xbox.

Since they were gravitating away from exclusivity but intended to begin laying down the groundwork for a Wakeverse as it were this was a necessary purchase as the second DLC for Control heavily connects the universe in a big way. While the purchase has already been used in a non-remaster way it would make sense to bring the game back so all players have access to the first chapter in their connected universe.

We will have to wait to see if and when these titles are coming.

Source – Reddit

Source – Reddit

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