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Final Fantasy XVI and New IP – Rumor

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Recent rumors have been circulating forums regarding Final Fantasy XVI and a new IP called Crimson Arbitrium – Agni’s Anthology. According to these rumors, Square Enix will likely announce the two games at the Summer Game Fest.

The source reveals that Crimson Arbitrium – Agni’s Anthology will be an action JRPG. The game is reportedly being developed by Luminous Production; a game studio founded by Square Enix. The rumored game will be set in a large open world, much like Final Fantasy XV.

Furthermore, the game is said to be inspired by Final Fantasy – The 4 Heroes of Light and Parasite Eve. Crimson Arbitrium will feature a range of elemental spells, which can be modified by the main character. Spells can also reportedly change appearance and can be instilled into weapons and equipment.

The IP is predicted to have a launch window in 2022.

Final Fantasy XVI’s development was rumored to have begun in 2017; if this is the case the developers will have to decide whether to convert the game into Unreal Engine 5.

The title, like Crimson Arbitrium, will be an action JRPG with strategic elements. It will feature macro-areas of cities and dungeons alike in an open world space. Additionally, rumors state that the game’s director is Naoki Yoshida, who has helped create Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XIV

The battle system is reportedly inspired by Dark Souls and Final Fantasy XV. Moreover, there will be a job system in place that is different from its classic form. Players can also look forward to customising equipment, appearance, and names of characters.

Square Enix has a preliminary release date for the game, which will be around 2021 with a closing window early 2022. It is rumored to be a timed exclusive for PlayStation 5.

While it is likely that Square Enix will announce a new title at the Summer Game Fest, these rumors are still rumors and it is important to take them with a grain of salt. The first event for the festival will take place on June 4.

Source: SirusGaming

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