Fantasy War Tactics Celebrates Anniversary with Special Events

Fantasy War Tactics Celebrates Anniversary with Special Events

Special in-game events are coming to Fantasy War Tactics players, starting Nov. 5 through Nov. 17. As celebration of Fantasy War Tactics’ first anniversary, Nexon Korea is inviting players around the world to join in the festivities, players will receive ‘goodie bags’ filled with an assortment of new costumes, equipment and more.

Fantasy War Tactics is now available for free download via mobile device in the App Store and on Google Play.

Check this video down below:

“In addition to new items and equipment, the anniversary event will offer players the chance to explore the ‘Library in the Sky Birthday Party Dungeon.’ Lord and his companions will lead players through short, adventurous stages filled with fun stories, and perhaps to uncover the mystery behind the woman with the red hair who crashes the birthday party. Fans will also see additional items for sale in the exclusive shop.

Each day of the three-day anniversary event, all new and current players who log into their account will be rewarded with:
· Ian’s Costume on Nov. 5: Players will kick off the anniversary event with a new and improved costume.r;
· 5 ★ Full Set Guaranteed Equipment Capsule (SS Legendary Grade) on Nov. 6: The “best of the best” equipment will be available as the ‘on-time’ gift to any player who runs the game;
· 365 Crystals on Nov. 7: In-game currency will be shared for players to buy gifts for their favorite characters.”

For more information about the game visit its download website.


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