Fall Guys
Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Coming for Xbox This Summer

Joe Walsh, Lead Game Designer, Mediatonic is thrilled to announce that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is officially coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One this Summer.

Our whole team cannot wait to welcome Xbox players to the Blunderdome for all sorts of bean-based mayhem — it’s certainly been a while coming, but we’re here and couldn’t be happier.

The rest of the team and myself at Mediatonic have been hard at work concocting more and more elaborate schemes for future content and I really feel Xbox players will be joining the Fall Guys shenanigans at a particularly exciting time. There’s a delicious selection of dapper costumes, imaginative rounds, features and improvements in the pipeline and I can’t wait to share them all with our lovely new Xbox audience this Summer.

For those unfamiliar with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the big PlayStation Plus summer hit features free-for-all and coop modes, the game is a massive multiplayer party game that includes several minigames. Mediatonic has created a 60 players multiplayer game where all “struggle through round after round of escalating chaos” until a skillful or lucky winner is decided.

In your path stands some of the wildest obstacles ever to grace an imaginary game show, so your diving, grabbing and last-second jumping abilities best be in tip-top condition. If you can picture the mayhem of “Takeshi’s Castle” and “Total Wipeout,” but populated by indestructible technicolor beans, you’re tumbling in the right direction.

Devolver Digital, publisher of Fall Guys recently affirmed that “there are no plans” to bring the game to Xbox Game Pass. The game will only be available for purchase on Xbox. Back in August 2020, Fall Guys released for free on the PlayStation Plus, becoming the fastest downloading free-to-play game on the service. The game also saw positive reception on Steam managing to sell seven million copies in just three weeks after launch.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is also releasing for Nintendo Switch this Summer.

Source: Xbox

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