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Fall Guys
Fall Guys

Fall Guys Will Not Join Xbox Game Pass Says Devolver Digital

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Devolver Digital has addressed the rumors of Fall Guys joining Xbox in the future by claiming that “there are no plans”  to bring the massive party-game hit to Xbox Game Pass.

Along with Among Us and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mediatonic’s party-game was a massive hit thanks to its deal with Sony to launch the game on the PlayStation Plus for free. The game saw a huge success following its launch on Steam managing to sell over seven million copies in just three weeks.

It’s debated that Devolver Digital may have signed some kind of exclusivity deal with Sony, explaining why wouldn’t Mediatonic allow the game to reach a larger audience, right now the game it’s only available on PlayStation and PC, but it’s a matter of time when the game launches on other platforms.

Bilibili, a Chinese publisher has allegedly secured the publishing rights of a mobile (iOS, Android) port of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Bilibili has potentially managed to secure the rights only for the Asian region, is uncertain in Devolver Digital will be able to negotiate the release of the mobile version in Europe and America.

The information arrived via Daniel Ahmad, Analyst at Niko Partners and a specialist in the video games market in China & Asia who affirmed that Bilibili, entered the video games industry as a publisher. Bilibili claims to be the “exclusive agent” for a mobile game in China that its official translation is “Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout,” with “jelly bean” alluding to the game’s bean-shaped characters.

For those unfamiliar with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the game features entertaining free-for-all and co-op mode with multiple minigames. Devolver Digital has created a 60 players multiplayer game where all “struggle through round after round of escalating chaos” until a skillful or lucky winner is decided.

Source: Devolver Digital

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