Fable IV
Fable IV

Fable IV Has Appeared on Mixer’s Listing

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Sometimes I think that we the news we get before reaching E3 2019 are more than what we get during the event at Los Angeles. After so many rumors that are spreading all over the internet today about Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part 2, now it’s time for some Xbox One exclusive titles to get you hyped for E3 2019 instead of this weekend. Fable IV, which has been rumored to be announced at E3 for so many times, now is approachable on Microsoft’s Mixer and it could be an indirect confirmation for all the rumors we’ve heard so far.

Fortunately, the source for new rumor is Microsoft itself, all you need to do is open your search bar at Mixer and write Fable IV to see the game’s profile showing up along with other titles of the Fable series. Snow9876 was one of the first players that notice the leak on Mixer and shared it via Reddit. I tried to think in so many different ways but I couldn’t reach to a result indicating that it’s just a sudden mistake from Microsoft. So, while as always you can take it with a grain of salt, the new clue seems to be more trustworthy this time.

If Fable IV be in development process, Playground Games will be the studio behind the game, as Microsoft had announced previously that the team behind Forza Horizon series is working on an open-world RPG title for the future.

While no details have been revealed yet, it’s being said that Fable IV will be a cross-gen title targeting both Xbox One and next-gen console of Microsoft.

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