Fable is “Little More British” States Phil Spencer

The long-hoped-for, long-rumored Fable reboot was finally announced in 2020 at the Xbox Showcase. Mixing the fantasy with humor, the CGI trailer most likely got fans excited, but did not offer much in the way of what they can expect from the title. Being developed by the studio behind Forza Horizon, Playground Games, it is definitely one of the most anticipated games coming to the Xbox.


Recently while on IGN’s podcast, Phil Spencer discussed multiple games. While the conversation was mostly focused on the upcoming Avowed game from Obsidian Entertainment, inevitably, comparisons to other upcoming RPGs were made. The original Xbox had a strong roster of western RPGs but recent years have seen that taper off. Ironically the two strongest franchises back then, Elder Scrolls and Fable, are the two that often dominate the discussion now.

Avowed is a first-person RPG set in the Pillars of Eternity universe. Similar to these other games, very little has been shown off of it. Since it is most likely the closest to release of the three games a lot of conversation has surrounded it recently. If you would like to listen to the full discussion, check here.

Somewhere in the middle came both Fable and Elder scrolls. Phil Spencer Stated:

Fable’s clearly […] always been a little more light-hearted and a little more British, I think I could say, and I think Playground will keep it there,. Elder Scrolls 6 is further out, and when that comes out I think it’s going to be incredible.”

Since Bethesda is still winding down their new IP Starfield it is not a stretch to expect Fable to arrive prior to Elder Scrolls 6. It is important to note Lionhead Studio, creators of Fable, we’re a UK-based company that drew heavily from their location. The Elder Scrolls series has drawn from many countries over the years for its large map, with Oblivion being set in UK-inspired Cyrodiil. That being said, Fable has always had quirky humor that endeared it to fans.

All three games were absent from E3 this year. Hopefully there is more information coming soon.

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