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ExoMecha Announced At Xbox Games Showcase

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ExoMecha, a brand new free free-to-play online competitive first-person shooter, was announced today at Xbox Games Showcase,  the new game features a unique battle royale mode, but it is not the game’s main game mode.

ExoMecha takes players in Omecha, a new planet with exotic environments. As the name suggests, the game will offer players a “breathtaking” experience with a flexible playing style, with mechs on the protagonist role. Players will also have unique gadgets and abilities at hand.

ExoMecha features large scale battles full of immersive experiences, take a look at the trailer down below:

A new habitable planet named Omecha becomes discovered by multiple smart species in the galaxy. To take control of the planet’s resources those species fight against each other. At first, the ExoMecha journey will start with all-natural environments. As more civilizations come to the planet, our maps will evolve, and each civilization will reflect its theme to maps.

The planet Omecha is simply the land of giant bosses and mechs. In our game, you will be able to control your personalized mechs. They will be equipped with both long-range firearms and giant melee weapons. The reason we put melee weapons for our mechs is that we want to add a unique flavor to the battle.

Primary weapons of our mechs are their swords and shields and they have the highest damage compared to any other weapon in the game. Therefore, they are primarily designed to be used against enemy mechs. However, because of their short-range, they are hard to use against other types of vehicles.

ExoMecha features an AI-controlled dragon, according to, TwistedRed, it’s basically the player’s enemy, in the middle of every match a dragon will appear at random and will start throwing its flames, the dragon will represent a danger zone, but there will be rewards for players that decide to go near and engage him.

TwistedRed affirms that there are several game modes, gadgets, and abilities that will be revealed in the future, ExoMecha will feature three main game modes, those will be “unique”. The first one will focus on large scale team-based battles, the second one TwistedRed unique battle royale mode, and the final one will be small scale objective-based game mode.

Before launch, TwistedRed will be hosting a beta period, be sure to sign up through this link.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for more gaming news.

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