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Every Major EA Play Announcement

EA Play Live managed to do something I was not really expecting it to. It managed to be concise and to the point. While it did not showcase a lot of games, it offered a decent look into everything on its stage and then moved on in an orderly fashion. Yes, it had the usual clinginess you can expect from a showcase, with Xavier Woods managing to summon the essence of Aisha Taylor with his performance being perhaps the expected level of over the top, but can you really help it?

Below is a list of every major reveal by Electronic Arts at their EA Play Event.

GRID: Legends

One of the best racing game developers around, CodeMasters was purchased this year by EA. It is a very good purchase although with an already strong lineup of racing game developers under EA it does feel slightly redundant. What wasn’t redundant was the showing for their first game as part of the EA Family.

GRID: Legends looks to be as strong an outing as one can expect from the developers. Similar to their other racing games players can expect beautiful cars and locations as they hop around the world competing for the Grid world cup. However, unlike the previous outings by the studio, this game will be narrative-driven with actor Ncuti Gatwa from Netflix’s Sex Education playing a lead character.

Apex Legends

Already established live service game Apex Legends was at the show to promote its new season which will premiere on August 3. Similar to seasons before, this season has a specific name Emergence, and a new character joining the roster, named Seer.

Seer will act as a recon character similar to the already introduced Bloodhound but with a twist. When looking down sights he can see enemy heartbeats. When he senses heartbeats he can then send out drones to hunt down those enemies. His ultimate allows him to send out hundreds of drones to track enemies.

Lost In Random

Part of the EA Originals label that has done increasingly well over the years, Lost In Random is a hybrid action game mixing Dice and Card mechanics into its combat. The game has already done well, winning the Tribeca Game Official Selection earlier this year during E3 proper.

The game is set in a world where your place is decided by a roll of the dice. When the player’s sister is taken by the queen after rolling a six, you set out on an action adventure to save her. The game is set to release on September 10.

Knockout City

If you are a fan of the recently released Dodgeball multiplayer game then you are in luck. The team took to the stage to talk about the content coming to season 2 of the game. Since every game has a battle pass these days this should not be too much of a shocker.

The theme this time around will be ‘A night at the Movies’, and since a part of the game already is its cheesy 50s styling, expect that to come into play. The showing included new balls, new stages, and new costumes all themed around the film in some way. This ranges from a stage summoning multiple films set holograms, to oscar red carpet-worthy dresses and suits. This content will go live July 27th.

Battlefield 2042

Another look at the upcoming big-battle game Battlefield 2042 was once again shown off. The showcases started with a recap of what we have seen before showcasing pretty much more of that. Unfortunately, it is not the usual ten-minute playthrough with gamers getting WAY too into it like we are used to on the EA Stage.

Similar to everything else we have seen for the game it is a straightforward trailer hyping up all the tools players will have in their kits. In all fairness, it will most likely do little to sway you one way or the other. The coolest thing showed off is how the game will blend the eras, having a scene where future soldiers fought WWI soldiers in the Battlefield Portal which acts as a sandbox mode pulling modes from several prior games in the series. Battlefield 2042 will release on October 22.

Dead Space Reboot

Ending the show we got a short but sweet look at the rumored Dead Space reboot being developed by EA Motive. We only got brief looks at both a Necromorph and Isaac Clark before the title roled and the show ended. Very little in the way of what we can expect.

Hopefully, More is coming soon, either over the next year or at their next EA Play Live event.

And that is everything major we got to see from EA during their EA Play event. As stated above, not much was shown and there was only really one new announcement, but in fairness the games that were focused on should all have their audiences. Hopefully gamers watching were all able to get something out of it.

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