Lost In Random

Lost In Random Showcased at EA Play

Anybody who knows me knows that one of my favorite video game franchises is American Mcgee’s Alice. Maybe it is because of Lost In Random from Zoinks! just keeps giving off so many Alice vibes but this game is looking pretty cool. The people at the Tribeca Game Spotlight seem to agree with me because they awarded it the Official Selection.

Today at EA Play the game got two showings, one during the buildup to the show which showcased a story trailer that has been showcased before while a new trailer during the show offered a deeper look at the dice-based and card-based combat, not to mention the gothic style that the game offers.

The website outlines the story as such:

Welcome to the world of Random, a dark kingdom where every citizen’s future is determined by the roll of a dice. Will you be defeated by your fate or embrace chaos and learn to make it work in your favor? Embark on a journey with Even and her companion Dicey to play the odds and break the curse of Random.

As we see in the trailer, the main character’s sister is made to roll the dice to determine their fate. Rolling a six, which in a normal dice game is pretty good, results in her being taken by the queen with you setting off across six different world to find her.

The second trailer offers a look at what the gameplay will look like. Fans of hybrid action games such as The World Ends With You or Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories should feel right at home here.

Lost in Random is set to release on September 10th. It will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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