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Epic Games
Epic Games

Epic Offered Sony Large Sum For First-Party PC Ports

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Since the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple started, a lot of information has been coming out across the industry. One such piece of information was that Epic had offered Sony millions to get Sony first-party titles onto the PC, specifically the Epic Games Store. While this information was first released back in May, several additional documents have recently been released during a 21-day span.

A recent report was done by The Verge, which compiled a lot of the most interesting bits from information released as part of this case. It also shared a lot of interesting things from both parties involved in the case. This includes a 222-page document that was released during the trial which states that the Fortnite developer offered Sony 200 million dollars to get Sony to port four first-party titles to the PC.

The documents note that Epic games were waiting for a response from Sony and that the specific deal was for “$200 MG + for 4-6 titles.” There is not much information outside of this that points to what the deal specifically consisted of or an exclusivity deal attached to the offer. It is noteworthy to point out that both Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn were released on the Epic Games Store and their competitor Steam.

This document then goes on to describe that Epic Games had individual tactics to try to get both Microsoft and Nintendo on their platform as well, though they described getting Nintendo as a “moonshot.” It also stated they were in “opening conversations with Microsoft,” with Xbox boss Phil Spencer also occasionally talking to Valve CEO Gabe Newell. A sub-point makes note of something, most likely Xbox Game Pass, which is against what Epic is trying to do.

Unfortunately, there is no clear indication in these documents as to what was specifically discussed between all these companies. This year Sony has made it clear that moving forward PC will be a major part of their strategy so there is the possibility that Epic’s offer helped pave the way for this.

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