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Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store Has Over 108 Million Users

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The Epic Games Store launched last year, the store has done amazingly well, generating more than 680 million dollars (USD), and according to Epic Games, has more than 108 million subscribers.

The game launcher wants to dethrone Steam and Epic Games has done a well job at the moment, acquiring timed exclusive titles, and releasing free games every month. Epic Games has been investing all the money made by their battle royale sensation Fortnite.

Epic Games got a successful game engine in their hands, called Unreal Engine 4, then another billion dollars idea came up to Epic Games, make a battle royale mode for Fortnite, then comes another big step for Epic Games, give developers a 88% of revenue from games sold at Epic Games Store.

Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney and Epic Games Store haven’t received a warm welcome though, some hardcore Steam fans and even developers had criticized the new platform. Tim Sweeney last year took a chance to respond to critics and Steam.

“Ultimately, this is about making the industry a better place, starting with the terms available for developers. I understand gamers don’t see that. They don’t see the hardship of making a payroll and seeing the store suck out 30% of the revenue from it. It can be jarring to see the industry is changing in ways that are typically invisible to us as gamers.

“What happens is developers have some reasonable success, half-a-million units, that’s a lot of units, but in a 70/30 situation, depending on their publishing situation, or maybe they’re cost structure, maybe they just survive when they should thrive. So we want to see them thrive, and the difference in the business model is substantial.

“We need to help people get there, and if we have someone who decides to go—from a business case perspective, they want to see what they can do for their business—if they go into five stores, four of which have a 70/30 business model and one that has 88/12, and their sales get spread around at any proportion, kind of less than 70 percent than their total sales, their going to get a blended result that is probably not going to change their minds in any way, shape, or form. We’re trying to change the minds of our developers. The best way we can do that is have the majority or all of their sales happen here.”

Refunds are also available on Epic Games Store, players can ask for a refund between the first 14 days of purchase only if they game is under 2 hours of playtime. Epic Games are trying all they can to provide PC gamers an alternative to Steam. Are you on Team Steam or Team Epic Games supporter? Let us know in the comments below.

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