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Former Obsidian Writer Shares Harsh Opinion About Epic Games Store

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Former Obsidian Writer Shares Harsh Opinion About Epic Games Store

I have already reported how Epic Games Store has revolutionized the digital distribution of games, they’re offer a cheaper alternative for Steam and much more profitable deal for developers.

But with this approach, Epic has sparked a uncontrollable amount of hateful comments, today it’s former Obsidian writer Chris Avellone who refers The Outer Worlds exclusive deal with Epic “a cash grab”. He says that what players want is to have all their games at the same place. Well I thought Epic Games stored games in my hard drive. Sarcasm aside, what the consumer wants is to pay less, fans don’t care if a small client has to be downloaded. At the end of the day, players are very likely to own a gaming rig with tons of RAM and a SSD, so having the Epic’s client set to boot with Windows and a shortcut of the game in the desktop removes all the hassle.


His main worry seems to be that the news has turned the hype for The Outer Worlds from positive to profoundly negative, hype Avellone himself helped build up. “It’s how you kill the best hype you could have for a game,” he tweets, “Possibly best hype for any of the studio’s games, ever – then undermine it for a cash grab.”

The reveal that Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds would launch exclusively on Epic Games Store – and wouldn’t be coming to Steam until 2020 – appeared at Epic’s keynote address at GDC earlier this week. The response from fans, just like pretty much every announcement of this type, was profoundly negative. Avellone then weighed in with his tweet, which then set up a full thread on his feed.
It’s very common that some Steam fans and even some developers are expressing harsh opinions about Epic’s distribution platform, sometimes I feel like we’re near of Illuminati’s conspiracy theories surrounding Epic Games Store, who knows maybe Tim Sweeney is a shapeshifter reptile, feel free to leave your conspiracy theories about Epic Games in the comment section below.

Read the full article at – PC Games N.

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