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EA To Determine the Future of Anthem Later This Week

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According to Jason Schreier’s reports, Electronic Arts will be holding a meeting later this week to determine if the redesign of Anthem can be sustained.

Electronic Arts confirmed in May of last year, that Anthem was being redesigned by an incubation team following the bad reception of the game. A small team of thirty developers was given the immense task of overhauling the game.

According to Executive Producer Christian Daile, the small team gave BioWare “the agility a larger one can’t afford”, sadly for the development team, Dailey left the Anthem team as part of a restructuration at BioWare leaving the project’s fate in doubt.

Schreier affirms that insiders are reporting that Electronic Arts will decide soon whether to expand the development team or abandon the project.

People familiar with the project said it will need to expand to at least triple that in order to produce new content and continue attempting to overhaul the game. EA has not yet indicated whether it’s willing to commit that kind of budget to revive a maligned game.

Electronic Arts have reportedly said that they won’t comment on “rumor and speculation” based on Schreier’s reports. Information from insiders alleges that the small team has been implementing major changes to the game’s core mechanics and user interface.

“It’s not clear if or when these changes will be implemented in the version that’s currently available to players.” Affirms Schreier on a Bloomberg article.

Anthem launched in February 2019 with a large number of bugs and login issues. Electronic Arts and BioWare tried to save the game by implementing new quest and in-game rewards, but the problem was within the source code of the game.

The development team needed plenty of time to work on a quality update and the studio was forced to stop producing new content to focus on a “substantial reinvention” for Anthem.

Source: Bloomberg

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