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Anthem Artwork

BioWare Looking to Save Anthem with Massive Overhaul

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After Anthem’s flop in February 2019, BioWare has still not given up on the project, despite awkward silences and staff departures that led many fans, both former and present, to believe that the game had been tossed aside.

However, multiple sources have reported that the developer (BioWare) and publisher (EA) are redoubling efforts to revitalize the game with a massive overhaul. What form that overhaul will take isn’t yet clear, but the team has been working on it for months—from tearing the game down completely to rebuilding it from the ground up, changing everything: The loot system, world, and even the mission structures.

While Anthem’s beta was not smooth by any measure (rubber-banding issues, buggy flying mechanics, poor loot drops, etc.), the game still went live after having been pushed back multiple times. Despite the pleas of beta testers, the development team (or more likely, the publisher) forced the game’s release with only minor improvements to the astounding issues it possessed. Most of this has to do with a rocky development process, to put it lightly.

Even though Anthem’s combat system is a thrilling cross between being Iron Man and a Guardian from Destiny, it wasn’t enough to outweigh the dastardly flaws that came with the massive time sink that was grinding for legendary drops that rarely appeared.

It’s unclear whether the game’s overhaul will be distributed via multiple updates, one gargantuan patch, or a standalone rerelease of the game at retail prices or discounted, but it’s been clear since the game’s official launch that it’s needed more TLC than it seems to have received.

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