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Electronic Arts Completes $1.2bn Codemasters Acquisition

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Electronic Arts have completed the acquisition of Codemasters for $1.2 billion. The UK racing specialist has added WRC, F1, Project CARS, GRID, DIRT, and the developers’ expertise to the large publisher.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Electronic Arts’ Executive Vice President of Strategic Growth, Matt Bilbey affirms that Codemasters’ IPs will significantly grow in the years ahead. It’s expected that all the franchises will be added to EA Play and will also enjoy the publisher’s close relationship with Xbox Game Pass.

“Our combined in-market expertise, along with our partnerships, our relationships, our insights, analytics, and marketing intelligence capabilities at EA, are all industry-leading. And we see a tremendous opportunity to use these to expand the reach and potential of Codemasters’ amazing games.”

Codemasters’ CEO Frank Sagnier reportedly affirmed that “the partnership with EA will enable our teams to take our highly-acclaimed franchises to new heights and reach a huge global audience through their player network. Together we can redefine the landscape of racing games to create even more compelling experiences for racing fans around the world.”

“As a combined group, Codemasters and EA offer a wealth of opportunities,” the executive affirms “We can see some of these already but are most excited by what we don’t yet know is to come. Codemasters and our own studios are highly creative and innovative groups — how they work together will be driven by the creative and design decisions that enable us to make games.

Codemasters will reportedly retain part of its management, right now CEO Frank Sagnier and CFO Rashid Varachia will remain in their roles, other senior executives of the management team have also been confirmed. Electronic Arts were so determined to acquire Codemasters that they outbid Take-Two’s $800 million offer.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

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