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Star Wars
Star Wars

EA And Star Wars Made $3 Billion in Revenue

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Electronic Arts announced during yesterday’s earnings call that the Star Wars franchise sold 52 million units thanks to games like Squadrons and Jedi: Fallen Order.

Electronic Arts’ CEO, Andrew Wilson affirmed that $3 billion in revenue were made, the staggering reports reveal that the publisher did a decent job managing the Star Wars franchise, despite what fans developers think.

Electronic Arts clearly decided to play safe when it came to producing games for such a huge franchise, fans lost their patience following the cancellations of project orca and project ragtag.

Back in January 2019, EA allegedly canceled Project Orca, an open-world game that was being developed at EA Vancouver, Orca used the assets of yet another canceled Star Wars game, Project Ragtag, which was being produced at Visceral Games under the direction of Amy Hennig.

According to the financial report, the top-grossing game based on the work of George Lucas was exactly the kind of game that fans didn’t expect when Disney and Lucas Film Games handed the franchise to the publisher. The free-to-play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes reported  $1 billion in revenues on its own.

Even if Electronic Arts’ investors might be pleased with the financial report, it’s evident that Disney wasn’t pleased in the way that the published managed the IP. It was recently revealed that Disney and Lucas Film Games signed a partnership with Ubisoft to produce the open-world game that fans have been eagerly waiting for and ending the exclusive deal with the publisher.

Disney President of Global Games Sean Shoptaw told Wired: “EA has been and will continue to be a very strategic and important partner for us now and going forward, but we did feel like there’s room for others.” An EA spokesperson also commented on the collaboration with Lucas Film Games, affirming that they are looking to continue their partnership “for years to come”.

Source: Seeking AlphaWired

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