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E3 Coming Later This Year as 3-Day Digital Event

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The ESA announced recently that the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 will be coming back this year as a three-day digital event.

Video Games Chronicle reports that the ESA has been sending an invitation to video game publishers hoping to secure their participation. The event is scheduled to go live between dates of June 15-17. There are plans to host several keynote sessions from games partners, a preview night on June 14 and an awards event. E3 will also host live streams from “games publishers, influencers and media partners”.

The ESA also says it will allow partner companies to remotely stream playable game demos to the media across “thousands” of scheduled meetings, with one-to-one assistance from developers. Many companies have used similar on-demand streaming solutions during the pandemic to allow the media to remotely play their games for preview purposes.

Check the ESA’s tease down below:

As seen above, the ESA decided to use the short gameplay footage of Metal Gear Solid as a way to say that no more information about the event will be shared soon. In the comments of the tweet, some fans are seeing the tease as a joke, others are just hoping Konami to announce a Metal Gear Solid remake.

Certainly, the game and company in question is a delicate topic for all the fans of the franchise, Hideo Kojima, creator of the franchise is now working closely with PlayStation Studios and Konami is stepping away from the AAA video games industry. However, there have been rumors about a Silent Hill reboot and a Metal Gear Solid Remake, if the information ends up being accurate, Bluepoint Games is the development team behind both games.

The ESA might be having their last chance to reinvent E3 following the disinterest of major publishers like Sony, Electronic Arts, and Activision in recent years.

Source: ESA

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