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Akira Yamaoka Teases a New Silent Hill Game

Silent Hill composer, Akira Yamaoka teased fans with a highly-anticipated project that will be announced this summer. The experienced composer could be teasing the rumored Silent Hill reboot for PlayStation 5.

Yamaoka reportedly spoke in a now-removed interview on the AI Hub YouTube channel where he teased that fans will “probably hear something this summer to be announced,” he also added that he thinks it’s  “the one you’re kinda hoping to hear about”.

Certainly, fans are desperately waiting to know more about the IPs of Konami. Silent Hill was a hot topic in 2020 as it was rumored that Konami was in negotiations with Sony to produce the reboot of the franchise as an exclusive title for PlayStation 5.

Several teases from Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions, and even Konami led fans to expect a new Silent Hill under the direction of PlayStation Studios, Kojima Productions was allegedly chosen by Sony to produce the reboot.

It’s important to mention that Kojima Production is largely established by the former Team Silent developers who closely worked with Hideo Kojima on previous projects. Masahiro Ito, one of the art directors for Silent Hill, also teased his collaboration on a ‘new project’ last year for which he said he is a core member, adding that he “hopes” it doesn’t get canceled.

Aesthetic Gamer, also known as Dusk Golem affirmed that Konami was working on a reboot for the franchise and an episodic title produced by a different team. However, in March 2020, Konami dismissed the rumors of a revival of the franchise, shortly after, Hideo Kojima confirmed that the project he was working for was canceled adding veracity to Aesthetic Gamer’s rumors.

The chances that Konami is willing to invest heavily and produce Silent Hill reboot seems unlikely, the company’s reputation as a video game developers is at an all-time low following the dismantling of some of its production divisions, forcing a spokesperson to say that they’re not shutting down their video games division.

Source: AI Hub YouTube channel

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