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E3 2021
E3 2021

E3 2021 Physical Event Is Reportedly Canceled

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ESA’s E3 2021 physical event has been canceled according to Los Angeles city documents’ spotted by VideoGamesChronicles.

The ESA announced in February that will be back this year as a 3-Day Digital event, however, the new documents reveal that the ESA tried to secure a permit for hosting a physical event with fans and celebrities. The ESA is reportedly working with the Convention board on broadcast options, at both the Los Angeles Convention Center and the nearby LA Live complex.

The decision of the city is irreversible as the report by the Board of Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Commission lists the E3 2021 as a “canceled event.”

In a statement issued to VideoGamesChronicles, the organizing committee stated that they would provide further details about their 2021 schedule and plans in the following weeks, they also affirm having “great conversations” with unnamed developers and publishers.

“We can confirm that we are transforming the E3 experience for 2021 and will soon share exact details on how we’re bringing the global video game community together,” said an ESA spokesperson. “We are having great conversations with publishers, developers and companies across the board, and we look forward to sharing details about their involvement soon.”

E3 2021 appears to be scheduled for June 15-17, featuring three days of live-streamed coverage on developers’ information. The ESA’s proposal includes: a preview night, an award show, keynote sessions,t and other smaller streams from the likes of publishers and influencers.

Nintendo of America’s former President Reggie Fils-Aimé recently said that ESA’s plans for this year’s event don’t sound compelling to him. Fils-Aimé affirms that the ESA is at risk of someone else seizing the event or the developers’ attention.

“I think that the platform holders need to find a way digitally to enable their fans- their players- to experience the content, because that’s the key for E3, right? The ability to be playing The Last of Us Part 3 for the first time, or to play that next Breath of the Wild game for the first time, or to play the next great game coming from the new amalgamation of all the Xbox studios. To play for the first time is what’s magical, and the platform holders need to figure out how to deliver that experience to their fans during an E3-like digital experience. I think that would be huge.

But what I’ve read, as I said, doesn’t go down that path, and if you don’t have all these different elements working together; the big announcements, the hands on, the opportunity in a well-defined time frame to have all these announcements. I think that’s what key to a successful E3 in the future. And candidly if the ESA doesn’t do it, then other people will.”

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