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Dying Light 2 main character killing a zombie in the air
Dying Light 2 main character killing a zombie in the air

Dying Light 2 New Gameplay Demo Shows-Off a Breathtaking Mission

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Now it’s been years that the team behind Dead Island series has moved its focus on a new franchise. Dying Light is the new IP that Techland launched back in 2015 and thanks to the developer’s long-lasting support, the game has become a worthy title to play. After 4 years, now Dying Light 2 is under development with so many improvements and new features that will make you love it if you’ve enjoyed the previous game.

As it was promised, the new gameplay footage for Dying Light 2 has been shared recently and it showcases a full mission in which you’re tasked to turn on water pumps to rescue the city residents from the threat of running out of water. You play as Aiden Caldwell one of the survivalists living within one of the seven regions of the city. The mission starts with Aiden getting informed about the water pumps have been turned off by Colonel. A leader who controls an island near to the city with a bad reputation which means asking him to turn on the pumps doesn’t end in peace.

With a group of Colonel’s bandits attacking your territory, plan A is no use. Now you have to choose to chase down the bandits and make your way through Colonel’s hideout or stay with your injured best friend and help him to make it out alive. During the demo, you will be watching a bunch of such decisions and all of them will shape up future events and outcomes. Some decisions have a much bigger influence that affects the whole world of the game, like the final choice of the player that leads to the revival of a new form of zombies in a new region of the city.

According to the video, parkour moves have doubled in number and you can now perform them smoother than before. A combat system needs a bit more strategy than before and you have to plan for when to attack, when to defend and when to run. New weapons and gears have been added to the game that affects both humans and zombies in different ways. Stealth has become a part of gameplay, though it’s not always an option for you.

All in all, Dying Light 2 seems to be delivering an exciting experience with lots of breathtaking moments and definitely a worthy title to play more than once thanks to its new decision-making system with different outcomes.

Dying Light 2 will be released in Spring 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will have next-gen versions as well.

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Source: DSOGaming

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