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Dragon Quest XI S Party
Dragon Quest XI S Party

Dragon Quest XI S: Adds Update Fixing Bugs

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Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition came out on the Nintendo Switch late last month to critical acclaim. Just a few days ago we talked about how Square Enix was able to condense a 30 gigabyte PlayStation 4 game to a 32-gigabyte cartridge WITH additional content. Dragon Quest XI S added new cutscenes, new scenarios with your party members and even added a 2D mode of the entire game. With the release of the game we’ve seen a few bugs pertaining to the downloadable content of the game. Today though Square Enix has released an update to fix some of the game bugs. The patch also looks to fix some bugs with equipment and character skills. You can check a tweet from Dragon Quest PR below explaining the patch.

[Notice] Software update data that fixes defects related to skills of specific characters and defects related to equipment was delivered today. It is downloaded automatically by connecting the device to the Internet and starting the game. Check here for how to update manually.

For those unaware Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition is a remake of Dragon Quest XI which was released on PlayStation 4 last year. The Definitive Edition of the game on Nintendo Switch did have to deal with some graphical downgrades but that is a welcome cut to the game. Dragon Quest XI looks to keep the old-school RPG formula tight and consistent. Especially given, the portability, additional content adding almost another 20 hours to the game according to How Long To Beat.

What do you think of Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition? Were the graphical downgrades enough to deter you from purchasing the game? If you have the game how long did it take you to beat the game with all its additional content? Let us know and make sure you follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter and Facebook.

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