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current gen

Black Friday – Wal-Mart Reveals Console Deals

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Black Friday is coming up quick on us and while the Gaming landscape isn’t in the best spot currently, we can always get down for some good deals. With some of the best deals of the year approaching, we’re starting to get some leaks from retailers about potential deals. We heard some inklings a few weeks ago about the Nintendo Switch going down in price, however, I don’t believe we had an exact visual of the ad. Now courtesy of GameNGuides we have a leak of a Wal-Mart ad that teases some insane deals for the consoles of this generation.

Let’s start with the PlayStation Slim, originally priced at $299, for Black Friday the standout and classic console will be sold for $149. This is an absolute steal for anyone who doesn’t have a PlayStation console given the plethora of games the system has out currently. If you want something upgraded you can grab the PlayStation 4 Pro for $299 on Black Friday versus the usual price of $399. Microsoft will also be offering its Xbox One S with a few free games for $149 compared to the original price of $249. All consoles mentioned above are 1 Terabyte storage consoles.

The big surprise here is Nintendo giving us a discount on their classic Nintendo Switch console. Not just on the base console but the recently released Nintendo Switch Lite as well. The Nintendo Switch fit with a dock will be on sale for $199 which is $100 off the usual price. Moreover, the Nintendo Switch Lite will be on sale for $149 versus the usual price of $199.

At first I was reluctant to believe this leak, but it makes sense with us heading into the next-generation, Microsoft and Sony probably want to sell as many possible as this may be their last chance. Nintendo absolutely doesn’t really have a choice but to compete with these prices given they won’t be releasing a next-generation console in 2020.

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Source: GameNGuides

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