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Dontnod to make Remote Working A Permanent Fixture

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One of the things to come out of the Covid-19 Pandemic is was the realization that the ‘traditional’ work structure that we have grown accustomed to isn’t necessarily the only structure that works. While video game development does benefit from centralized teams and offices, many developers found themselves capable of getting much of their work done from home. One of the studios that are now embracing this is Dontnod Studio, the developer behind Life Is Strange and Vampyr.

The French company recently announced that employees working in both Paris and Montreal will now have the ability to choose if they prefer to work either in-house or remotely as they see fit. This decision was based on an internal referendum in October 2020 in which the company asked if employees would be in favor of a ‘Fully Remote Organisation’ (FROG) system. Overwhelmingly, employees of the company voted in favor of the system at 87 percent approval.

Under this system, employees will be able to choose between ‘Remote Mode’ and ‘Office Mode’ with the ability to revise their choice should they have a change of heart. If they choose to work from home Dontnod will supply the necessary equipment for developers to do so. If they choose to work in the office it will be a more traditional experience, although they will also be offered a package of remote workdays as well.

Dontnod HR director Matthieu Hoffmann stated that they hope the change will allow them to expand their hiring process to the entirety of France and Quebec, allowing them to hire a more diverse staff in the process. They continued by saying:

During the crisis, we had to quickly adapt our work processes and communication tools to ensure efficient organization and continued connection for all our employee. Although some thought had been given prior to the health crisis, we realized that working from home is a work mode that is more suitable for some people, as it offers a work-life balance adapted to their needs. So, we designed the FROG program to offer the best working conditions, regardless of the preferred mode.

This news comes shortly after Dontnod announced they plan to move into third-party publishing. They also recently picked up a 36 million dollar investment Tencent earlier this year.

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